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Nine expert speakers, three hours, multiple insights to help you make sense of the now and get inspired for tomorrow.

Now, more than ever, is a time for document production businesses and organizations to re-define and re-invent. A crystal-clear strategy and realistic, yet ambitious execution plans are needed. Let’s look for new opportunities and revenue streams to guide our businesses to medium- and long-term health. 

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Five keys to future proofing operations for uncertain times

We have all felt the impact of the recent pandemic. A reminder that we never know what is around the corner. How did you fare? Were you prepared? Were your operations scoped with the inherent flexibility to update and manage applications? Did you uncover gaps in your processes, your preparedness, your disaster recovery planning? This session will talk to the challenges and solutions in managing operations to help you to be more prepared not just the next time disaster strikes, but also as part of of ongoing continuous improvement strategy.


Richard Smith – Head of Global Professional Services, BlueCrest

Jerry Derome – Business Development Manager, BlueCrest


United States Postal Service - New Leadership, New Direction

The U.S. Postal Service is the only delivery service that reaches every address in the nation: 160 million residences, businesses and Post Office Boxes. But the political and economic climate has never been tougher for this precious national service. Hear from the inside how the USPS is responding to the challenges and how you can support this vital ecosystem.


Our industry forum speaker from the USPS will be confirmed shortly

Physical and digital communications - better together

Join a leading industry analyst for an engaging session to review the dynamics and shape of the customer communications market. From transactional and marketing communications to relevant omni-channel client contact strategies embracing the whole client experience, there is much opportunity. This session will share the latest market research and information from our dynamic marketplace.


Kemal Carr – President, Madison Advisors

Keith Woedy – VP of Research and Practice, Madison Advisors

New Product Testing – how it works, how you benefit

All companies in our industry are interested in leveraging new technologies to become more efficient. But what’s the science behind bringing new tech to market? We talk with Broadridge to discuss their experience working with BlueCrest on new product testing, and how their input was incorporated into final product design – to the benefit of all.


Cathy Burgess  Broadridge

Jeff Matos  Broadridge

Moderator: Eddy Edel – BlueCrest


Vote-by-mail is here to stay: Will you play your part?

By year end we will be able to analyze and learn from those states where vote-by-mail was enabled for the Presidential election. However, there is a bigger picture: Vote-by-mail is proven to be highly secure and to engage more voters, while significantly lowering costs. Could it be that there is a medium to long term opportunity in outbound ballot printing and management of the overarching vote-by-mail process? This session will bring light to the debate, such that you can make your own assessment of whether to invest in voting application technology solutions to capture your share of this evolving market .for potential new business and bottom line growth.


Neal Kelley Registrar of Voters - Orange County, CA

Amber McReynolds – Chief Executive Officer, The National Vote at Home Institute

Stronger together - where to now for our industry?
A word from #INSIGHTS sponsor - BlueCrest

Considering the entire workflow orchestration as an integrated whole is where the value is. Allow BlueCrest to step through a view of document production from 'end-to-end'. Step back, reframe and look for the opportunities in your continued quest for operational excellence. They may be small, they may be more disruptive, but they are there - in technology, process, people. This session should leave you with food for thought to begin your own journey of reinvention. 


Carl Amacker – Chief Marketing Officer, BlueCrest



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